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Our Oceans is a short film that explores the complex relationship between two estranged siblings after the passing of their foster mother. 

A sad but beautiful portrait of brotherhood. 

Sean, a trans-man returns home to reconnect and help his brother in the aftermath of their foster mother passing. Chris is reluctant to reconnect and uses this opportunity instead to express his perspective and grief. As with reality, it’s not always a beautiful ending.


director's statement

In 2018, I was tasked with an assignment for school and for that assignment I choose to create a PSA for the Transgender Day of Remembrance. During my research, the information I came across was horrifying. I felt even after creating the PSA that my work wasn’t finished. But what else could I do?


I began brainstorming ideas for the next project, my graduating thesis film from the New York Film Academy and landed on this telling of a moment in time during this particular family’s life. Through a combination of external and internal searching, I was finally able to understand the many layers that make up this family, and ultimately this film.


Casting this film was particularly difficult. I wanted to be as authentic as possible and cast a trans male actor who was available and willing to help with a student film (on a student budget). The search was incredibly difficult, but thankfully we were able to have Andrik Ochoa on board, a Non-Binary Trans-Male actor.  


Those behind the camera are just as important to making this film become what it is today. I was incredibly lucky to have Award-Winning Director of Photography Adrian Sierkowski on board early on in pre-production. 


In post-production, we invited Emmy-Nominated Sound Designer Bruce Chianese on board for our post sound work. He did an incredible job, and it was a blast working with him. 


It was special working with everyone attached to the film. Even though it was only a four-day shoot, life long friendships were made.


- Matt Macedo

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